Not everyone can afford to hire a composer or full orchestra to score their films, so there are sites where you can find free music and not have to pay royalties. Or, sometimes you need to see an airplane taking off or landing, but don't live near an airport, so there are sites where you can find free video clips and free photographs and not have to pay royalties. Or, maybe you just need to record a sound effect, like a door slamming, but add weird effects to it, like an echo, so there are free programs and apps out there that you can use.

Here is a LIST of some of the more popular sites to find free things you can use to make your films better. Be sure to read the rules for each site, as there are specific instructions on how these things should appear in the credits of your film.


All films start as words on a page. The better you put those words down on paper, the better your film will be. Are your characters realistic? Are they three-dimensional? Is the action interesting or exciting? Is your dialogue sharp and natural? Is your story riddled with cliches? All valid concerns for the screenwriter.

The following are all the HANDOUTS given to filmmakers who attended the Wired Wednesday mini workshops. They don't contain all the answers, but if you follow most of the advice given in them, you'll be a better writer for it, and you'll make better films as a result.

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